Undergrad Research

My lab enthusiastically welcomes undergraduates from all disciplines. If you have a curiosity and a willingness to learn, there may be interesting research in the lab that you could contribute to, or even lead. My lab routinely has many undergrads who lead projects and publications that appear at the top AI conferences. However, to ensure meaningful participation, I encourage aspiring members to gain foundational knowledge in Machine Learning or NLP (through formal coursework, or one of many excellent online courses such as Stanford CS224n available for free).

If you are interested in joining my lab, please send your CV and transcript to me. Your email will stand out if you detail specific project ideas or applications that align with the lab's research directions. Please understand that the high volume of emails I get might prevent me from replying to each one personally. If you include the string '314' in the subject of your email, it will let me know you have read this page, and I will pay closer attention!